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More than just wine... EARTHLING is about celebrating our human truths and differences, about inclusion, and finding your own path. It's about loving our earth and protecting everything she offers... It's about us: you, me, and the 8 billion other earthlings that inhabit this great planet... and not giving a sh*t about what's trending... Cheers!


Randomized Labels

Just try and find the exact same bottle twice... we dare you! The background of the front label changes with each bottle and you'll find a new 'EARTHLING' on every back label in a case... each offering a toast to a human truth, and we're sure you'll relate!

Augmented Reality

We aren't augmenting your reality "that" way... no, this is safe for work, school, or wherever! Just scan the QR code, we all know how to do that... (thanks COVID), and watch the EARTHLING come to life in front of you! Tap each character to interact with them. Keep scanning, as there is a new experience with each back label!



There, we said it, #sustainability... we care too much about this beautiful EARTH not to mention it... and as EARTHLINGS, we need to do our part... collectively, we can leave this planet better than we found it! Here is what we are doing to ensure many good times ahead...


Chairman Ting

Are we so cool, we could design this killer packaging ourselves? Hell no, we pulled in the heavyweights! Chairman Ting, aka Carson, who has worked with all the "cool kid" brands (Nike, Toyota, Red Bull, Doritos, Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Mercedes-Benz, plus so many more), has really stepped up to introduce packaging that is new and unique like us, in a category that's old and boring... bye, bye, white and cream labels, we never saw you anyway!

Chairman Ting Logo.png
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