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Brand Guidelines

Here are all the brand guidelines, including fonts, colors, and use of logo & assets. 


The Downloads

Welcome to our trade tools page.

Below you will find bottle shots, product profiles, and other assets for our partners and retailers to use or download everything in the ZIP file here.

All Brand Assets (ZIP)

Product Profile

Coming soon! A printable, one-page product profile sheet explaining everything unique about the label, wine, and brand! 

product profile sheet.jpg
Liquor Connect-Earthling-SauvBlanc-2022.jpg

Bottle Shots

Here is every version you need of the bottle shot, including a layered tiff file for print, transparent background in png format, as well as a jpg format for online. As a bonus, download the product video to incorporate it in your own social media creation!


Download the primary logo in both black or white, as well as the 'E' icon, also in black or white, all versions are png format with transparent backgrounds.


EARTHLING Characters

Here are all the current EARTHLING characters, available for use on social media and/or promotional material.


With 750 expressions of the bottle, there are a lot of labels! And you can download all of them here...


More about the label design

​Modern life is all about forging ahead despite what society says. These labels celebrate the different, gutsy ways millennials choose to behave. Each label provides an insight, which is relatable, playful, and fun -consumers will gravitate towards a particular one which then becomes a conversation piece with their friends.

Each fragment from the core artwork can be pulled apart to be used as a visual branding device, but more
importantly, each piece can be turned into a character. Conceptually, this plays well with our name, ‘EARTHLING’ as earthlings all come in different shapes and sizes. This brand territory is not only playful
but it’s inclusive and fun. #WeAreAllEarthlings

Want to learn more? Contact us for a 1-on-1 presentation.

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